Friday, Dec 1, 2023

I am a Backend Tech Lead/Solution Architect at UBS Business Solutions (India), working in cloud, distributed systems and Big Data Space. My primary responsibilities include building and maintaining the Highly Acclaimed EvidenceLab Platform that serves to give that extra edge for UBS Research Analysts.

Work Experience

Tech Lead/Solution Architect : June 2021 - Present (UBS Business Solutions)

Tech Stack :

  • Backend : Java 11, Kotlin(1.5.x), Python 3.x, Spring Boot, Maven 3.x, Pandas 2, JupyterHub, redis, duckdb, polars and few other in memory databases
  • Frontend: React 16+, Redux, Redux-toolkit, Redux Sagas, JupyterLab
  • CI/CD: Gitlab CI/CD, Azure Devops, Chef/Puppet
  • Infrastructure: ARM Templates, Terraform 3.x
  • DB: Postgresql
  • Cloud: Azure Public Cloud
  • Containers: Docker Engine, container-d, Kubernetes(AKS), Helm
  • Service Mesh: Isito (1.8 through 1.16)

Evidence Lab Data Analytics

March 2022 - Present

Tech Lead/ Solution Architect

  • Designed and built a markee greefield platform for research analysts to collaborate and share jupyter-notebooks without hassle.
  • Following the data-mesh principals the platform enables teams to have a self-serve data platform to explore and investigate data produced across the bank.
  • The platform features version control for jupyter-notebooks, pre-configured kernels and easy access to internal tooling and packages to avoid bolierplate coding.
  • The platform enables access to over 100+ data-products built within evidence-lab and other research units within IB and has consistent access patterns built via internal tooling to enhance developer experience.
  • The platform features need to know access for research notebooks and personal playgrounds for trying out new data-products or tech.
  • The platform enables data teams to add/introduce new data-products along with custom tooling and sample notebooks with ease.
  • As the tech lead/solution architect for the project :
    • Was responsible to setup Infrastructure using terraform (IAC) and ADO pipelines.
    • Implemented a custom authenticator for JupyterHub which works in conjunction with KubeSpawner which could connects with internal Identity Provider.
    • Designed and developed the framework to add new data-products and custom tooling to have consistent access patterns.
    • Customized the JupyterHub chart to enable persisting notebooks in secure locations.
    • Customized the JupyterHub authentication and folders to deliver need to know access patterns for different folders.
    • Introduced Istio as service mesh of choice for encrypting traffic across entire Kubernetes cluster.
    • Configured various parts of jupyter-hub including the Spawner, Culler, Notebook server etc as per the requirements.

Evidence Lab Distrbution

June 2021 - Febuary 2022

Tech Lead

  • Worked on migrating the on-prem spring-cloud based microservices onto Azure Public Cloud (AKS).
  • Worked on setting up the infrastructure using terraform and ADO pipelines.
  • Designed and developed multi-cluster AKS application deployments.
  • Designed and worked on setting up the application deployment pipelines, which made sure developer experience stays the same as working with on-prem services.
  • Implemented Istio Service Mesh across 3 clusters in Multi-Primary, Multi-Network Configuration and worked to setup service discovery across clusters, providing HA for services across azure regions.
  • Designed solution to visualize multi-cluster metrics and traces with Grafana dashboards using prometheus federation installation to gather telemetry data from Istio envoy access logs.
  • Wrote Blogs and held multiple KT sessions to evalgalize the use of Kubernetes and containers to help teams adopt the same.

Lead Developer : May 2019 - June 2021 (Synechron Technologies)

Tech Stack :

  • Backend : Java 8 and 11, Node.js, Spring Boot, Maven 3.x, Spring Cloud (zuul, ribbon, eureka, hystrix)
  • CI/CD: Teamcity Enterprise
  • DB: Postgres, Oracle 11g
  • Cloud: Azure Public Cloud
  • Containers: Docker Engine, container-d, Kubernetes(AKS)

Evidence Lab Distrbution

May 2019 - June 2021

Lead Developer

  • I started as an lead developer. My work comprised of building the middleware services and infrastructure.
  • The microservices that we work on deliver datasets with millions or records and we are always looking to improve the performance.
  • These APIs serve as life line for multiple use cases where the data is served via an interactive portal or Tableu based distribution solution or delivered directly to end customers to build their own products using them.
  • Made sure to use Industry standards for buidling microservices, which could be easily extended and worked on by multiple developers. Used Mircoservices Chassis pattern to develop microservices and push all the cross cutting concerns such as cache-loading and warm up, consistent logging and creating distributed traces.
  • Extended an in house redis cache-loader which was responsible to load data in nearby caches. Used Mediator and Strategy Patterns to orchestrate Producer and Consumer threads that loaded the data onto cache from Database using a blocking queue.
  • Introduced possibility of extending different Cachers and Loaders which could load the data in different caches and from different sources using Abstract Factory Pattern.
  • Designed and built the JWT based authentication / authorization solution that helps to provide developers easy access to the Open apis. This is now used across the bank within the IB department.

Junior / Senior Dev : Dec 2012 - May 2019 (Wipro Technologies)

Tech Stack :

  • Backend : Java 8, Python 3.X, Node.js, Spring Boot, Maven 3.x, Oauth2.0, Apache Camel, Openshift(k8s)
  • CI/CD: Jenkins
  • Tools: Apigee Enterprise For Private Cloud
  • Cloud: Azure Public Cloud

I started my career with Wipro Technologies as a project engineer. During this time I was fortunate to work on entire lifecycle of the projects from gathering requirements to production support. Following the first project, I travelled to UK where I worked as a junior and over the course of time a senior developer for the British Insurance firm Prudential UK.

D2C, Cloud Migration

February 2016 - May 2019

Senior Developer

  • The project involved building up the Retirement Account and Annuities related middleware services using SOA architecture.
  • The services were mainly written with Java8 and apache camel as framework and deployed on Fuse servers.
  • The stack built on on-prem Fuse servers were later requirement to be migrating on to cloud.
  • This project entailed migrating the SOA based architecture onto microservices.
  • Adding in the cloud based stack using Openshift as platform of choice for containerizing and deploying the services onto Azure Public Cloud.

Multiple Projects:

Dec 2012 - January 2016


  • Different roles as a junior developer in different projects.