Github Magic

Saturday, Mar 13, 2021

Github has recently introduced tons of features including github cli, github map,csv and 3d rendering, discussions, dark mode, creating the github profile etc..


github-cli is a new way to interact with github website, It does aa lot more than just a git client, one can interact with github website. Create, clone repositories, add Comments, Issues, PRs and much more. It also adds a new way to authenticate with github for the host machine using the command: gh auth login.

More can be found about the github cli here.

Map, CSV, 3D Rendering

Github allows one to add text in Issues, Comments or any other place as a Map. It is tuned for OpenStreetMap but supports any source of GeoJSON/TopoJSON or binary vector data including tilesets and single files with STL extenstion. more here..

CSV Rendering: One can add .csv file in github and that would be rendered as an editable table.


Now we can add discussions about any project right in github repo. Navigate to settings tab and scroll down to features, here enable discussions. more here.


Actions have been with github for sometime now and are a great way to enable project builds without leaving the version control system. Actions allow one to run CI pipelines on VM of choice for free and let github worry about any associcated costs. Also with a rich community of pre built actions one has to only find and import any action that might be needed from open-source community as it’s quite possible there would be an action built already for what you may want to implement. more here.


In your github profile or any organization’s profile create a special repository with the same name as the profile’s. This special repository is a special feature within github which allows one to add a github profile page to one’s profile allowing one to customize the landing page for your github. Just add any text you may want visitors to view in the file and the same would appear in your profile landing page.