About Me

Thursday, Sep 17, 2020

I am a backend developer at Synechron Technologies (India) working in cloud and microservices architechture space. My experience has been building microservices using cloud native tools such as spring cloud, docker, kubernetes, helm, consul, istio etc..


My interests mostly lie in working with distributed systems. Often I can find my self taking apart and trying to understand different protocols used in such systems for communication. (Raft, Paxos, Gossip, HeartBeats). Also I like to dig deeper and understand the inner working of languages.

Work Experience

I started to work with Wipro Technologies as a project engineer for a few years, during this time I was fortunate to work on entire lifecycle of the projects from gathering requirements to production support. The experience during early years helped me to easily waer different hats while interacting with different stakeholders.

Following the first project I travelled to UK where I worked as a junior and overtime senior developer for the British Insurance firm Prudential UK. The project involved working on new middleware services (based on SOA) using apache camel and Fuse as well as migrating the stack to cloud using cloud native technologies.

After that I came back to India, Pune where I joined my current firm Synechron Technologies, a services company that provides services to Financial Institutions. I work as an senior developer with UBS EvidenceLab Distribution Team, My current work comprises of building microservices and the middleware infrastructure. The microservices that we work on cater to data in millions and we are always looking to improve the performance. Also I built the JWT based authentication / authorization service that helps to provide developers easy access to the Open apis.